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Your artwork should, in some way, be representative of you…your vocal style or quality, personality, quirkiness, or some other aspect of who you are. It should establish your identity and, hopefully, a lasting impression.

Samples: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Tom Cramer:

Tom is a voice over and on-camera actor and really is the all American guy. It was a term that always came to mind when people thought of Tom, and therefore, the ideal way to market him. The All American Voice Guy became his moniker and in deciding to combine his two identities together using the microphone and the American flag, the George Patton look came to mind. Tom Cramer’s new imagery was born and served him well for many years.



Lee Crooks:

With a name like Crooks you can really have some fun. And we did. Creating a Wanted poster using a sepia photo of Lee as the masked bandit created a very memorable campaign and helped solidify his name in the client’s memory bank. In addition, the bandit theme opened many doors for a wide variety of future promotions and fun chochke giveaways (he used tiny metal handcuffs). The headline of his follow-up mailer: Lee Crooks Unmasked!




Danielle G:

First off, Danielle wasn’t excited about using her not-so-poetic last name of Gaether and decided to simply go by Danielle G. The name change immediately gave her a memorable distinction and separated her from the crowd. Her demo showcased humor, sophistication, and lots of characters (she’s incredibly versatile). We wanted to create a very hip image and without actually stating her style in words, we strove to portray those qualities with a humorous line and a stylized yet sophisticated, trendy motif.


TeCoa Garret:

Our style is to tell it like it is and here is a perfect example. Tecoa has a young voice and her demo shows a lot of humor. Using a photo of Tecoa and her own brand of characters and cartoon style, TP graphic artist, Chrissie Vales, sketched a perfect cartoon likeness of Tecoa which made the campaign come alive.

Bruce Lorie:

I think I might have heard a character in a movie use this fortune cookie line and always wanted to use it in a promotion. Bruce loves Chinese food and that was all we needed to develop a rather clever but simple marketing package using gorgeous airbrushed graphics. It’s visual eye candy. As a tie-in, we had the line, There’s a voice over in your fortune, cookie printed up on little paper strips and stapled to individually wrapped fortune cookies which Bruce used as a client giveaway. It was very memorable both for the line and for the dramatic visuals.



Nancy Wright:

How could we not incorporate such a useable name for her marketing? The manner in which we would present it was the big decision. When we came up with the line, Get the Wright Voice, it sounded like a command so the ransom note seemed like a good way to go. Nancy was also on a budget and with virtually no major artwork and very simple graphic design, this idea was very cost effective as well.